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Huether Named Tennis Advocate of the Year

TENNIS ADVOCATE OF THE YEAR Cindy Huether “Just getting the community involved” is Cindy Huether’s mantra when it comes to tennis in Sioux Falls, S.D. As executive director of the Sioux Falls Tennis Association, Huether has done that and more to build tennis from the ground up.

In developing the city’s tennis infrastructure, Huether’s accomplishments are vast. She provides equipment to elementary school and day-care facilities, was instrumental in building one of the nation’s fi rst-ever permanent, 36-footcourt tennis complexes, Spellerberg Park, and organized Recreation Coaches Workshops for all teachers in the city—to name a few.

Huether and her husband, Mike (below), who is the current mayor of Sioux Falls, have also opened their personal checkbook to grow tennis, providing the lead gifts on both the Huether Tennis Center at Augustana College in 2009 and the new Huether Family Match Pointe Indoor Tennis Center, which opened in 2015. —Lisa Mushett